Town Meetings

It seems like the annual town meeting just pops up out of nowhere. I don’t know how,  but it seems like when you least expect it it’s already May and you have to vote on your town budget, again. It always feels like you did this yesterday!

Well, it’s April 30th, and May is tomorrow. Not only is May tomorrow, but our town annual meeting is next week! We’re planning on being level funded just like we have the past couple years, and we even got the 50/50 funding last year. But it seems, that this year we’re going to have to be on our guard, just in case. As should every library.

I know town meetings are really boring, and some days they don’t affect the library. But you should always have a representative from the library just in case. As my mother always told me: “Better safe than sorry,”

So, how are you and your library gearing up for the annual town meeting?

~Small Town Librarian

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Library Open House

A great way for you to involve your library patrons, and to help get new patrons into the library is by holding a library open house. An open house for your library is just like an open house for a house for sale. You’d have the library open, some goodies and drinks, and some library staff there to introduce themselves to the new and old patrons that may be entering the library.

Opening up the library to the community outside of the library is a great way to get everyone involved and to even get the selectmen to stop by the library and have a great photo op!

Holding an open house will make your patrons feel like they’re apart of the library, and not just people that come in weekly or daily. Holding an open house will make the library feel more welcoming, and after holding the open house you may even see a rise in paronage from people you didn’t even know lived within the town.

Personally speaking, holding an open house is one of the cheapest ways to open your doors to the community and allow them in to see what a library offers.

~Smalltown Librarian

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This is more of a question, than a post. But, lately with all of the trainings I’ve been going to for the library, the one question that always comes up is “Do you circulate E-books? If, so how does it work?” So now, here I am in a small library in a town with under 5,000 people. We’re lucky enough if we have enough money to stay open all of our hours. We’re the library that petitions and gets the townspeople out to vote to continue funding the library. So we certainly don’t have enough money for an E-Book. But it is interesting to hear other larger librarian’s viewpoints and their opinions on circulating E-Books. So, my question to all of you out there is: Do you circulate E-Books? If, so how does it work? What happens if it gets damaged? Would you recommend adding E-books into the library?


~Small Town Librarian


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How to Get Teens More Involved in the Library

Many libraries have events for children and adults, but some libraries don’t know what type events will attract teens into the library. Planning an event for teens can be very hard, especially the older you are. A great way to help you figure out what type of events teens would like is asking them. Not only would you get an idea for an event but the teens will also want to come to the library more often as you want to hear their opinion. Also, when in doubt bring food. Teens love food, friends, and movies. The simplest of all events that you can hold is a teen movie night. To choose the movie, you can ask teens or just choose a popular DVD in your collection that teens seem to like. Another great event for teens is a book discussion. There are many great young adult books being released every month! Having a teen book discussion will also get teens to read more books.

My personal favorite way to get teens involved in the library is asking them for book suggestions. Maybe put up a little mailbox or a box on the wall where teens can write their book & movie suggestions. This of course makes the teens feel like they’re involved with the libary which will cause them to bring their friends to the library, but it will also help the person in charge of purchasing young adult material as she/he is being told what the teens will read instead of guessing what the teens will read.

What are some ways that you get teens involved in your library?

-Small Town Librarian

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The Hunger Games

Everyone, or just about everyone, has heard about the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a thrilling trilogy by Suzanne Collins about the 12 districts in the country of Pannam. This Post Apocolyptic trilogy is the newest hot book on the streets. Not only was it a hot book before March, but in the beginning of March The Hunger Games came out as a movie.

When the Hunger Games came out in the theaters, the popularity of both the book and movie skyrocketed! Books were sold out, wait lists for requesting the books through the library system had hundreds of people on wait, tickets for the movies were sold out and lines grew.

I myself haven’t seen the movie, or read the books. Actually I’m in the middle of listening to the first book, as I simply don’t have to time to sit down and read anymore. Even though I haven’t finished reading the first book, and I haven’t seen the movie. I have heard two different stories on the movie being good. Half of my friends have said that the movie was a must see and followed the book fairly well, other friends said the opposite.

So I’m enlisting your help, did you watch the movie? If so, how was it? Did you enjoy it? Have you read the trilogy? Did you like it?

~ Small Town Librarian

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How Do You Involve Patrons In Your Library?

As you all know, I’m a firm believer of involving patrons within the library. Whether its with material selection, volunteering, fundraisers, or events. I know I’ve shared many ways of how I involve my patrons in my library, but I’m curious. How do you involve patrons in your library?

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Support the Libraries Month

April is Support the Libraries month. During this month there will be events throughout the month for all different ages at the West Warren Library. I will be using this blog to update and keep everyone on the know hows of what’s going on at the library and anything else that may come to mind. 

Most people wonder why I enjoy libraries, and why I support them. I say that the atmosphere is what attracts me, and the adventures within the books are what keep me. I could go on for hours talking about how amazing libraries are and how much they mean to me. But what they mean to me, don’t really matter. Now do they? I am the person running Support the Libraries Month. What really matters, is how much libraries mean to YOU. How much they affect YOUR life. Your voice is what will affect the library’s outcome, so here I am asking for you to use your voice.

Why do you support your local library? Do you support your local library? Why are libraries important to you?

Also, if you’re in the West Warren, MA area here are some events that will be held throughout the month of April for Support the Libraries Month. All are free of charge and you are welcome to join, whether you live in town or out of town.

Teen Book Discussion 

Thursday, April 12th


West Warren Library

The book to be discussed is:

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

Copies of this book can be picked up at the library.

 This program is a part of Support the Libraries Month, which is a Girl Scout Gold Award Project for Caelyn Adams.


Teen Movie Night


Friday, April 13th


Warren Senior Center

Please register in advance.

For more information call the library at 436-9892

This program is a part of Support the Libraries Month, which is a Girl Scout Gold Award Project for Caelyn Adams.


Creative Writing Workshop


Have you ever wondered how your favorite authors have written such amazing books?

Seeing the world in a whole new view is at your finger tips.

Have you always wanted to write a creative story?

Come join this 5 day long Creative Writing Workshop to help broaden your writing horizons and open up your imagination to the world beyond pen and paper.

The workshop will be held at the West Warren Library from 9:30am – 11am

For grades 5th – 7th

Starting on Monday, April 16th and ending on Friday, April 20th.

Registration in advance is required.

To register or for any more information call the West Warren Library at 436-9892


This program is a part of Support the Libraries Month, which is a Girl Scout Gold Award Project for Caelyn Adams.


West Warren Library Open House

Saturday, April 28th

2:00pm – 4:00pm

At the West Warren Library


Come meet the staff of the West Warren Library.

Enjoy snacks and drinks.

Meet selectman Delanski.

See what your town library can offer you.


This program is a part of Support the Libraries Month, which is a Girl Scout Gold Award Project for Caelyn Adams.


~Small Town Librarian 

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