!Salve Merħba Вітаємо Benvnuwe Welcome Witamy Benvenuto Fáilte Bienvenue!

I hope you feel welcome no matter where you are from. First and foremost a library should be welcoming. small town libraries are especially well known for this; and so I hope you feel welcome here!

Need some ideas for your local small town library? Well this is what Small Town Librarian is here for! I’ll post some book suggestions, event ideas, crafts, book reviews, and other ideas and posts, all for the greater good of your small town library and community!

A little bit about Small Town Librarian. I love reading and books! I have had times where I have surpassed my 10 hold limit and have resorted to using my families library cards. One of my favorite parts about working at a library is having new books comes in all the time.

Who is your favorite author? Dan Brown or Janet Evanovich

If you could be any character from a novel who would you be? Hmmmm, I need to think about this one! Min from Dancing Through the Snow or Robert Langdon from the Dan Brown books (he always seems to be on an adventure)

What is your favorite thing about working in a library? I love being around books, and the patrons. I love my patrons, especially when we have time to talk!

If a cookie described your personality what type would you be? I would choose a sugar cookie because I’m so sweet, but my family says that I’m a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie, because I’m a little nut, but I’m also soft and sweet.

Why did you become a librarian? The career kind of found me, I always loved reading books and then I started volunteering at my hometown library, and now I’m a librarian, plus I’m surrounded by books every day is a huge plus on the job.

What book do you consider a must read? Goddess Games by Niki Burnham or Dancing Through the Snow by Jean Little

Small Town Librarian ♥

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