How to Get Teens More Involved in the Library

Many libraries have events for children and adults, but some libraries don’t know what type events will attract teens into the library. Planning an event for teens can be very hard, especially the older you are. A great way to help you figure out what type of events teens would like is asking them. Not only would you get an idea for an event but the teens will also want to come to the library more often as you want to hear their opinion. Also, when in doubt bring food. Teens love food, friends, and movies. The simplest of all events that you can hold is a teen movie night. To choose the movie, you can ask teens or just choose a popular DVD in your collection that teens seem to like. Another great event for teens is a book discussion. There are many great young adult books being released every month! Having a teen book discussion will also get teens to read more books.

My personal favorite way to get teens involved in the library is asking them for book suggestions. Maybe put up a little mailbox or a box on the wall where teens can write their book & movie suggestions. This of course makes the teens feel like they’re involved with the libary which will cause them to bring their friends to the library, but it will also help the person in charge of purchasing young adult material as she/he is being told what the teens will read instead of guessing what the teens will read.

What are some ways that you get teens involved in your library?

-Small Town Librarian

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