The Hunger Games

Everyone, or just about everyone, has heard about the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a thrilling trilogy by Suzanne Collins about the 12 districts in the country of Pannam. This Post Apocolyptic trilogy is the newest hot book on the streets. Not only was it a hot book before March, but in the beginning of March The Hunger Games came out as a movie.

When the Hunger Games came out in the theaters, the popularity of both the book and movie skyrocketed! Books were sold out, wait lists for requesting the books through the library system had hundreds of people on wait, tickets for the movies were sold out and lines grew.

I myself haven’t seen the movie, or read the books. Actually I’m in the middle of listening to the first book, as I simply don’t have to time to sit down and read anymore. Even though I haven’t finished reading the first book, and I haven’t seen the movie. I have heard two different stories on the movie being good. Half of my friends have said that the movie was a must see and followed the book fairly well, other friends said the opposite.

So I’m enlisting your help, did you watch the movie? If so, how was it? Did you enjoy it? Have you read the trilogy? Did you like it?

~ Small Town Librarian

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