Town Meetings

It seems like the annual town meeting just pops up out of nowhere. I don’t know how,  but it seems like when you least expect it it’s already May and you have to vote on your town budget, again. It always feels like you did this yesterday!

Well, it’s April 30th, and May is tomorrow. Not only is May tomorrow, but our town annual meeting is next week! We’re planning on being level funded just like we have the past couple years, and we even got the 50/50 funding last year. But it seems, that this year we’re going to have to be on our guard, just in case. As should every library.

I know town meetings are really boring, and some days they don’t affect the library. But you should always have a representative from the library just in case. As my mother always told me: “Better safe than sorry,”

So, how are you and your library gearing up for the annual town meeting?

~Small Town Librarian

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