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Town Meetings

It seems like the annual town meeting just pops up out of nowhere. I don’t know how,  but it seems like when you least expect it it’s already May and you have to vote on your town budget, again. It … Continue reading

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Support the Libraries Month

April is Support the Libraries month. During this month there will be events throughout the month for all different ages at the West Warren Library. I will be using this blog to update and keep everyone on the know hows … Continue reading

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How to Help With Rebuilding a Town from a Tornado Without Phsyical Work

On June 1st, a tornado went through the town of Brimfield, Massachusetts. The town neighboring West Warren, where we’re from. It’s been several weeks, and most of the disaster relief centers don’t need anymore food donations, and we can’t don’t … Continue reading

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Team Trivia Night For Your Library

Have you ever heard about a team trivia? It’s kind of like trivia pursuit with several teams battling for first place. The idea of having a team trivia night for the library was brought to our library board by a … Continue reading

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Food for Fines Month

Last month instead of taking money for fines, we took canned goods and non-perishable food item, to donate at the local food pantry. We came up with this idea, because one of our board members were at another library website and … Continue reading

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We’re Almost There

I’ve blogged about how to upkeep your libraries collection, what books you should add to your library, what are some great fundraisers to keep your library open, how to fight at a town meeting, and many many more. Well 2010 is … Continue reading

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Read, Read, Read a Book

As I was packing for Girl Scout Camp, my father, a Boy Scout leader, found a Cub Scout book that helps plan den meetings. As I was looking through the book, I stumbled upon a song called Read, Read, Read … Continue reading

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