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Town Meetings

It seems like the annual town meeting just pops up out of nowhere. I don’t know how,¬† but it seems like when you least expect it it’s already May and you have to vote on your town budget, again. It … Continue reading

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How Do You Involve Patrons In Your Library?

As you all know, I’m a firm believer of involving patrons within the library. Whether its with material selection, volunteering, fundraisers, or events. I know I’ve shared many ways of how I involve my patrons in my library, but I’m … Continue reading

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We Want to Hear From Our Patrons? Do You?

With this past budget season, we were given more funding, so with the more funding we wanted to show the patrons thank you. Open up more hours, offer museum passes, and see what we could improve on. Well, instead of … Continue reading

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How to Help With Rebuilding a Town from a Tornado Without Phsyical Work

On June 1st, a tornado went through the town of Brimfield, Massachusetts. The town neighboring West Warren, where we’re from. It’s been several weeks, and most of the disaster relief centers don’t need anymore food donations, and we can’t don’t … Continue reading

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How To Set Up a Website

My most recent, and current, project with the library is setting up a new website, since the server that hosted are old one is no longer in service. Thursday, I knew I had some time at home, and that I … Continue reading

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Closing For Snow Days

Here in New England, the winter has been horrible. With working at the library, you need to decided is it safe to open, if so are you opening at your normal time, are you opening late, are you closing early? … Continue reading

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Food for Fines Month

Last month instead of taking money for fines, we took canned goods and non-perishable¬†food item, to donate at the local food pantry. We came up with this idea, because one of our board members were at another library website and … Continue reading

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