Library Open House

A great way for you to involve your library patrons, and to help get new patrons into the library is by holding a library open house. An open house for your library is just like an open house for a house for sale. You’d have the library open, some goodies and drinks, and some library staff there to introduce themselves to the new and old patrons that may be entering the library.

Opening up the library to the community outside of the library is a great way to get everyone involved and to even get the selectmen to stop by the library and have a great photo op!

Holding an open house will make your patrons feel like they’re apart of the library, and not just people that come in weekly or daily. Holding an open house will make the library feel more welcoming, and after holding the open house you may even see a rise in paronage from people you didn’t even know lived within the town.

Personally speaking, holding an open house is one of the cheapest ways to open your doors to the community and allow them in to see what a library offers.

~Smalltown Librarian

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