How to Help With Rebuilding a Town from a Tornado Without Phsyical Work

On June 1st, a tornado went through the town of Brimfield, Massachusetts. The town neighboring West Warren, where we’re from. It’s been several weeks, and most of the disaster relief centers don’t need anymore food donations, and we can’t don’t really know how to use chainsaws, and plus if we did our staff of 3 and library board members of 7ish aren’t open enough to get together on one day to drive over to Brimfield and help with the clean up.

So, we did the best thing, that will always help. Take monetary donations. A board member came into the library the other day with a container and asked if I would make sign for it. I said sure, why not! So, we started collecting monetary donations for the tornado victims of Brimfield.

Now, it’s only been up for a couple days, and we only have some donations, but it’s better than not doing anything at all! If your local community goes through a natural disaster, like Brimfield did, and you want to help in some way and know that your patrons want to help also. Try to find a local organization who is tkaing monetary donations, or ask for a needs list and organize a can drive, or something that could help out. If you’re taking monetary donations, then make sure you have some signs up and write something up on your website/facebook/blog to get the word out there. Becuase odds are that your patrons want to help as badly as you yourself want to help.

Small Town Librarian

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