Team Trivia Night For Your Library

Have you ever heard about a team trivia? It’s kind of like trivia pursuit with several teams battling for first place. The idea of having a team trivia night for the library was brought to our library board by a board member several months ago. The way he got this idea, was that he and his wife attended a team trivia night over at a church in the next town over. He and his wife both enjoyed it and thought it would be a great event for the library. Not a fundraiser, but a way to get our name out into the world.

So last Saturday we held our team trivia. We were worried that not many people would show, because we didn’t sell many tickets at the library, so we brought them to the door, trying to figure out if we would make money or lose money or just break even. We sold out. We were able to fit 50 people in the Scottish Meadows Golf Club, and teams, with enough food for everyone. When everyone was seated we started on the trivia. There were 12 rounds with one break half way through the night, right after round 6. We had 12 rounds, and each round had a subject that the questions were based off of. The 12 rounds were, geography, initials (Acronyms), millionare (multiple choice questions from Who Wants to Be a Millionare), birth places, child pictures of actresses, child pictures of actors, general, literature, music, New York, catch phrases, and the final round was Final Jepordy. We showed a picture of a bridge in Massachusetts, and you could wager all of your points! The whole evening was fun filled, and we even made some money off of it!

The questions were all made by a board member, and we had an MC ask the questions and two people score all of the sheets and update the scores. We also did a 50/50 raffle, that we announced during the break. We made about $80, in profit, just off of the 50/50!! The whole night was filled with laughter and confusing when questions came out when no one knew the answer. I highly reccommend doing a trivia night, for your library. I wouldn’t get your hopes up on making millions of dollars, but just a night to get your name out there, to break even, and to just have a great time with your patrons!

To get you started on the trivia, I’ll give you a couple questions.

Q: In the song, The Piano Man, what did the waitress practice?

A: Politics

Q: Who was the first president (of the USA) who was born in a hospital?

A: Jimmy Carter

Q: What does the initials of LSMFT mean?

A: Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco

Good luck at setting up your trivia night!

Small Town Librarian

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