The Missing Book on Tape

As a librarian I’m sure you know how frustrating it is when you can’t find a book that a patron wants, or even worse a hold that came in, or said that it came in!

Well, the other day I was working and I called all of the holds, normal stuff, nothing major really happened in the day, until I left to get my nails done and returned to use the library’s phone to call my mother to pick me up. What I walked into in the library was my co-worker trying to find a book on tape that supposedly came in, for a patron. Now the patron says that she looks at her account online everyday, and that Monday afternoon it wasn’t here, but Tuesday it said it was on the hold shelf. This stumped me. Becuase not only do we not get inter-library loan deliveries on Tuesday, but we’re not open on Tuesdays! I tried to think back to the book on tapes that I took out of “the box” and put into “the box” and the James Patterson book did not come to mind at all. We looked on her account to see if it’s status has changed, but it still stated “On Holdshelf”.

Friday, when I went to call the same patron for a new hold that had came in, I was looking at the holds to see if we have resolved this missing book on tape, and it is now “In Transit”.

Have you ever had a problem like this where you just cannot find an item? Maybe you can even picture the item and know that we own it, but just can’t seem to find it. How did this problem resolve? Did it just fix itself, or did it take another set of eyes?

Small Town Librarian

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