How To Set Up a Website

My most recent, and current, project with the library is setting up a new website, since the server that hosted are old one is no longer in service. Thursday, I knew I had some time at home, and that I was going to set up a website for the library and start over. Well I logged onto to set up the website, because that is what our IT person reccommended to do.

So I made an account on I made the user name WWPL, the acronym for the library and the website adress was the same as the old one, so it would be easier for our patrons.

I then started on getting the content up on the website and trying to make it as like to the old website as possible. This is fairly hard when you’re going from memory at 11:00 at night.

I started with the bascis, about us, hours, directions (I’m still working in this one), staff, teen scene, events (both past and upcoming), helpful links, and of course the welcome page.

Once I got the pages up and knew what to put with each one, I started working on the content and all of the typing and linking all of the links to make sure they send the patron to the right area. I also worked on the welcome page to add the artwork, a logo, and any information that may be helpful to the public.

Once that was done, I started on the widgets. If you don’t know what a widget is, please click here. I added four widgets. Two with text and two with HTML (for more information about HTML click here). The first widget has our hours. The second wediget has our address and phone number. The third widget has a link to our Goodsearch to help raise money for our library. The fourth and final widget is our Facebook badge! This shows our patrons what our library is doing, and that we’re on Facebook. It also allows them for a quick and easy way to find us.

After all the widgets and “extras” were up, I worked on the cosmetic part of it. Getting the banner up, The banner is the picture at the top of the webpage, and debating weather I should have the site name up and visible, and the little things to make the webstie look better. I also used our “un-offical” logo on the welcome page to get the readers attention.

Now comes the more advanced part. If you don’t want your address to show, there is a way you can pay $17 to get a domain name. Now as long as your domain name is open, you have a couple choices. It could be .org, .com, .net, something like that. I would reccommend doing this for your library, just becuase it’s easier to remember.

So go get working on your website!!!

Small Town Librarian

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