We’re Almost There

I’ve blogged about how to upkeep your libraries collection, what books you should add to your library, what are some great fundraisers to keep your library open, how to fight at a town meeting, and many many more. Well 2010 is quickly coming to an end, and soon it will be April 2011, and budget cuts will be back in everybody’s minds, so I think you all deserve an update on everything.

Since starting this blog, my library has started Book Drop Books and Better World Books to get rid of our discards and to make some extra money, we’ve been weeding all the time to make room for new books, we are constantly getting new additions to our collection, our letterbox is still there and has been visited several times, Susan bought magazines from a local Girl Scout, the library board continues to think of new fundraising and event ideas to help the library, our Facebook page is now at 71 fans!!! I ask my patrons for any books or items that they would like to see in the library and I pass it along to Susan, we aredoing very well with our budget and have gotten word out in the newspapers! All in all, we’ve done very well and as tomorrow starts December, we’ve accomplished a lot, but now I want to know what did your library accomplish over this year? Has it been an easy year, a hard year, or about the same as last year?

Small Town Librarian

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