The Cardturner by Louis Sachar

The Cardturner by Louis Sachar, author of Holes, is about Alton, a teenage boy, who is forced to play bridge with his blind, dying, uncle in attempt to get Uncle Trapp Lester, to add his family into his will so all of Alton’s family’s money problems would disappear. Alton slowly starts to fall in love with the game of bridge while being Trapp’s cardturner. Alton starts playing at home attempting to understand the game and become a better bridge player. When Trapp dies Alton doesn’t let the game go, and neither does Trapp. Trapp and his first bridge play, Annabell channel there bridge experience through the children. Trapp talks to Alton, while Annabell talks to her granddaughter Toni. The Cardturner is wonderfully written and not only follow’s Alton’s life and how he’s feeling, but also adds in a little bridge. This is a must read book for all genders, and I highly recommend it!

Small Town Librarian

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