Library Newsletter

So you need a way to talk to your patrons, and make sure that you’re talking to everyone of them? Well, here’s your answer, library newsletter! Now a library newsletter doesn’t need to be weekly or even bi-weekly. It can be as often as you would like or as far apart as you would like. Having a newsletter helps you connect to your current patrons and even future patrons. With a library newsletter you should post upcoming events, issues that’s going on in the library, maybe even have a coloum or two from patrons, and have a colum for the library director. Writing and printing a newsletter of any kind is a lot of work, but this newsletter will help you in the long run! Plus with a newsletter if you type it up on the computer, you can email it out to patrons that have emails (you’re saving trees and time) and you can print it off to send to your patrons or have on your desk.

Does your library have a newsletter? If, so how is it working for you?

Small Town Librarian

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