Librarian Backup Plan

We all have emergency plans if a flood comes, if a fire starts, if a hurricane/tornado is coming, we all know how to handle those issues when we’re at the library, but what if a librarian calls in sick one morning and says she can’t make it? Well you’ll ask the other librarians, let’s say you only have two other possible librarians to work, and one is taking a training all day, and the other is the librarian at the local school and can’t work during the day, so what do you do? Well, you could close it, but how would that help your library? It really wouldn’t, you would be closed for an another day! Well, here’s the answer. Train some librarian backups, now I know it’s not the best plan, but there will be a day when you need someone to watch the desk and you’ll be thankful to have someone there to take it. I would probably find a board member who is okay with the idea and could easily be trained and shown how to run the library for a day, you might have to unlock the library for them, if you don’t think that they should own a key, but having a librarian backup will help in the long run.

I know that these days don’t come often, but they do come, and if you have a Librarian Backup Plan, it’ll come in handy, and will prevent you from closing another day.

Small Town Librarian.

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