Extreme Weeding

I know i’ve blogged about weeding before (you can check it out here), but we’ve all had to do it, we’ve all learned how to do it, and it’s time to actually do it! Weeding, my huge downfall as a librarian, is a never ending task when you’re at a library, especially if it’s a small library. It seems that you’re getting new books faster then you can weed! I recently had to send a list of new YA books to my boss, Susan. The YA section which just a couple years ago was non-exsistant is outgrowing its room! The children’s room is out growing its room! The adult fiction is out growing its room! In a small library it seems that there is never enough room to hold every book that you would like it to hold, which then means you need to weed.

Every  new box that comes into the library, it makes me realize that there’s some weeding that needs to be done to fit these books onto the shelves! Recently it was the children’s room that was weeded, before that it was the non fiction section. It seems almost every week there are new books on the shelves and old books off of the shelves. So here is my question to you, did you ever have a problem with weeding? What is your criteria of weeding, what makes you decide  which books you keep and which books go?

Maybe, eventually, I’ll be able to part with books in the collection and will be able to weed like Susan or Christy.

Small Town Librarian

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