Dewey the Small Town Library Cat


In 2008 a book became famous practically over night, about one frostbitten kitten dropped in the drop box in Spencer, Iowa. It reached negative fifteen degrees the night before, and Dewey Readmore Books, an orange kitten was dropped into the drop box of Spencer’s public library. Dewey became the public library’s mascot for 19 years. He died in 2007, and Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the Worldwas published shortly after his death. Vicki Myron, a librarian at the Spencer Public Library, wrote this book with her co-author Bret Witter. When Dewey hit the shelves it was an instant success, was on the best seller lists, and you could almost find it in just about every library. Because of its success, Vicki was receiving fan mail about how much Dewey has touched their life, and how their own cats touched their lives. This inspired the new novel, Dewey’s Nine Lives. Dewey’s Nine Lives include stories about Dewey and about Dewey’s fan’s cats.

So if you enjoyed Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat, then go check out Dewey’s Nine Lives.

Small Town Librarian

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