“Do you find Joy? How dare you!”-Maurice Sendak

“I make up a lot of shit, but I can’t tell the real story. What bothers me is I can’t remember it anymore!”-Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak, famously known as the author of Where the Wild Things Are, has a documentary running on HBO. This documentary is spent talking to Maurice about his childooh, family, and what else comes to mind. Maurice, who is now into his eighties openly talks about death and dying. “I’m going to die – – -well it’s going to happen,” Maurice jokes with the intervewer. The documentary is filled with laughter and jokes, but also touches on Maurice’s tough life as a child. In the documentary you see a normal person, whom you could find yourself befriending at the store or stopping to have a cup of coffee with.

     Ursula Nordstron, maurice’s publisher, encourage him. Especially while he was writing Where the Wild Things Are. Ursula was always behind Maurice and constantly told him to finish the book despite what everyone said. If it wasn’t for Ursula Maurice doesn’t think that Where the Whild Things would have been published. Maurice doesn’t think he would have even finished Where the Wild Things Are if it wasn’t for Ursula’s support.

     Where the Wild Things Are was Maurice’s first book that went under massive critic. It actually took two years for librarian to realize that kids enjoyed the book, and that they were taking it out all the time. After Where the Wild Things Are was published Maurice’s other books were critiqued more often. It seemed as if everthing had something wrong with it. This documentary about Maurice Sendak is a great documentary and you should go and watch it!

“Do you always want, what you think you want?”

Small Town Librarian

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