Letterboxers, Letterboxers, Where Are You?

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog about letterboxing at your library (check the blog out here and here). Now, being in such a small town that we are in, I figured that I wouldn’t check to see if we’ve gotten any letterboxers until about December, but the other day I noticed that something was in the box, so I took it out (it was hand moisturizer) and put it on the counter. Of course the little part of me really wanted to see if we had anyone find our box, so I looked and I was pleased to see that two groups of people have found it! I was really happy, it’s only been there for a couple of months and we already had two groups of people find it 🙂 Well that also answered the worry of having the clues too hard to find the letterbox itself, but I guess they couldn’t have been that hard, since people found it! I was overjoyed to find names in the notebook!

Did you place a letterbox in your library? If so, have you checked it recently? Has anyone visited your libraries’ letterbox?

Small Town Librarian ♥

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