No, we’re not talking about gardens, we’re talking about weeding your collection. Now not only is this not the most fun job in the library, but it’s very time consuming and you want to make sure that you’re taking out the right books!

Since you just made a huge purchase of new books (check out the blog post here), you’re going to need somewhere to put them, so you need to weed. I personally don’t enjoy this task, but for a slow day, it gives you something to do. Now when you weed, you want to find books that aren’t in the best condition or look that they haven’t been taken out since 1701, trust me I’ve found a couple of those, so choose a section (if you want to get a lot of weeding done, I reccomend checking out the non-fiction section) and choose a shelf and start. Look at every book, check to see if it’s in good condition or if it’s still in date, I don’t think you’re going to need a 1985 Guiness World Reccord Book if you’re in 2010. If you aren’t quite sure about weather you should keep it or if you should take it out of your system, if you have a way to check how many times it’s been checked out in your circulation system, well look and see. If it hasn’t been checked out many times, well it’s time for it to leave your collection, but if it’s popular leave it in until the next time you weed. Also, if you’re the only library that owns the book, well that’s a huge hint on weather you should keep it or not (the answer is don’t keep it). To weed a whole section properly and throughly will take a couple days if you’re just working by yourself, maybe a day or two if you’re working with someone else (or your boss). A great time to weed is before a book sale, if your library is holding a book sale try to weed your whole library, not only does it make room for new books, but it also gives your book sale more books.

So next time your weeding, just think you won’t have to weed for what, another six months? Well, enjoy weeding!

Small Town Librarian ♥

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