New Books

“I got this great handheld device today, and the best part is it is free. It is called a book and I picked it up at the library”

I was glad to read that quote above as a status from one of my library patrons, and it made me realize how hard it is to find the right new book to add to our collection. Sure, for me I go through Barnes and Noble and see all the new releases for teens, and get a list together and email it to my boss, but my boss needs to go through that list and choose which ones to order, order children books, order adult fiction, order large print, order paperbacks, order nonfiction, and order all the other materials that aren’t books. She doesn’t have a never ending budget either, so she needs to choose the ones that will be put to the best use at the library. Now that I kind of think of it, it can’t be easy. If I were put to the buying of books, I would want to buy everyone! So here are some tips on which books to add to your collection.

  • How new is it?
  • Do you see this book being taken out multiple times and being sent through inter-library loan?
  • Who’s the target for this book, do you have a lot of patrons who are that target?
  • Have you heard anything good about the book?
  • How long is it? (I know this one doesn’t really make sense, but people do judge by the length of the book)
  • Who wrote the book? Is it a well known author or a newer author, that no one has heard of?
  • Ask someone for their opinion on a specific title.

Those are just a couple ways to help you figure out what you should add to your collection, but over all try to get some recommendations from your patrons. Not only will it make them feel like they have a library that actually listens, but they are who knows best, if they recommend it then you know someone will take it out.

Have you ever added a book to your collection that didn’t get checked out often, or at all? Or have you added a book that you needed to order multiple copies, because there was never a chance for the only copy to be on the shelves?

Small Town Librarian ♥

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