Library Lock In

As my library is trying to think of new fund-raising and event ideas, one of the board members suggested a library lock in. Now, my old library has done this a couple times, but I have never attended it. But a library lock-in is not only a really good idea, but is unique and different, and can be really fun, depending on who and how you are running it.

When you’re doing a library lock-in charge only about $5 or $10 at most! Plan a movie or something and a pizza, you could also have a theme with it, so if it was all girls make it some type of a spa night, teen girls would love a spa night! Maybe you can just have it as a book discussion of maybe Harry Potter, then watch the Harry Potter movies. Always make sure that it will appeal to some type of audience, your best bet is the teens. Teens always love sleepovers and if it’s at the library then maybe the library will gain a “cool-ness factor”.

If your library has done a library lock-in or something the effect of one, how did it go? What was it like? Did anything go wrong? What advice would you give to new libraries trying to accomplish a library lock-in?

Small Town Librarian ♥

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