Christy by Catherine Marshall

I was given a book to read while I was on vacation, by my mother. Now this book I didn’t think I would enjoy it, mainly because my mom did and it’s like over 40 years old, so why would a teenager like me enjoy a book that was a #1 book back in the 70s? Well, I decided to read it and it was a really good book.

Christy by Catherine Marshall, is about a young woman who leaves her family and moves to Cutler Gap, which is a small mission in the Appalachian Mountain to start a school, since it was a need in the Gap. Christy just finished school, and thought that she would be able to teach the kids in the small mission and didn’t think of it as a problem or how small and remote the area would actually be. When Christy isn’t greeted by anyone at the train station she has to hike out to Cutler Gap, and it is that first second of entering the mission that she only began to realize how hard that teaching in this school really would be. Throughout a couple of years, you learn how hard that it was for Christy, you see that this young woman who thought she was prepared, wasn’t even close to being able to teach to kids. She goes through the bad blood between families, the children bulling each other, and trying to do right in the mission.

I would highly recommend this book. It is a little long, and isn’t a summer read, but it’s worth the time spent reading it. When the book ended I was completely upset, and wanted more. I’m now going to check out the TV series Christy the next time I’m at my library.

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