Give Classics a Chance

Okay, so my teacher was explaining to me on how I should broaden my book reading horizons and read more classics, like The Tempest, Moby Dick, The Scarlet Letter, Oliver Twist, and Wuthering Heights, just for some examples. So I went to my local used book store and bought seven books. The Tempest by Shakespeare, Wuthering Heights & Jane Eyre by The Bronte Sisters, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Now, I’ve only had the time to start The Tempest, since well it’s summer, and although it is written as a play, and at sometimes a little hard to understand or follow. I am enjoying, I guess I shouldn’t have just written off classic books as boring old books, that no one would use in their lives. Okay, maybe I won’t be using saying “Thou liest, most ignorant monster” any time soon, but I think it’s time for us to give classic books a chance, or even books that your parents recommend. So as you’re looking for a summer read, or a book to read during the summer go pick out a classic it could be anything from The Tempest to A Christmas Carol, as long as you give classic another chance.

Small Town Librarian ♥

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