Why Does a Small Town Need a Library?

As I was looking through the stats of the blog, I noticed that one of the terms that were searched and linked the person here was “Why does a small town need a library?” Now I don’t know how this person was feeling or why they searched, but here are some reasons on why small towns or any towns need a library.

  1. A Library is no longer just filled with books!
  2. Friendships can start at the library
  3. Libraries make reading fun!
  4. The community thrives when a library is in the center
  5. Libraries effect literacy rates dramatically!
  6. Who doesn’t like a library?
  7. All the money that a library uses is never wasted
  8. Events!
  9. They always have something for everyone when you stop by.
  10. It’s a greatly family field trip!
  11. The nicest people always work there!
  12. It can help save the book lovers a lot of money, books aren’t cheap.
  13. A great place for teens to hang out.
  14. Even movie & music lovers can get their movies & music for free
  15. It’s fast, simple, fun, and easy!

I hope these 15 reasons why a town needs a library, why a library needs a town, and why a library needs funding. If these don’t change your opinion on libraries, well then maybe you should stop by yours today and apply for a library card, libraries are really fun!

Small Town Librarian ♥

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