What Do Your Patrons Want?

How do you interact with your patrons? Do you ask patrons for book suggestions? Do you ask them for maybe help with fundraisers? How about teens, how do you interact with them? Well here are a couple ideas to get more involvement with your patrons, and maybe even get more patrons through the word of mouth.

  1. Make a suggestion box, this was done at my old library for teens.  Take a metal box, that you could hang on the wall, and put a little cork-board under it, with a note or two, about what not, maybe a “Hey guys, it’s Mrs. T!” or maybe asking “Hey, I’m going to be placing a book order, what would you like to see in our selves?”, make it look really cute, so add colors, and maybe fabrics and weird shapes, something that teens would love!
  2. Ask your patrons! If you know, that you have one patron who loves to read about immortals and vampires, the next time she/he are in ask if they have any suggestions for books that they would read and enjoy and would like to see in your library.
  3. Maybe, make a survey to hand out to your patrons, and it just doesn’t have to have book suggestions, but also ask what hours work best, what would they like to see in their library in the upcoming year, what events would they like.
  4. Did I say ask your patrons! This is by-far the best way to go! Your patrons are the ones who come to your library for a reason, and if they think that it’s cool and if they feel like they have some say in what’s going on in their library, they’ pass it along and their friends will come, and that word of  mouth is still great 🙂
  5. Last, but not least, Word of Mouth! Word of mouth has been a little theme throughout my blog posts, and should be a theme at your library. This is really powerful, it’s free advertising and it is great! If you have one person who loves your library and passes it to ten of their friends, and their friends passed it to ten of their friends, and so on, soon enough you’ll have a lot of patrons and maybe they’ll turn into regulars.

With these tips, maybe your library will go from just usual patrons, to more patrons, and maybe it will be more fun for your patrons to come to the library, if they know that if they pass something along to you, it might just show up at their library.

Small Town Librarian ♥

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