James Grippando

Jame Grippando is an author of suspense novels. I have only read two book by James Grippando, but I have fallen in love with him as an author. Grippando writes in a fashion, where you don’t want to put the book down, and you could sit and read his books from cover to cover! The two books that I have read, Money to Burn and Intent to Kill, the person who you think did it, didn’t do it and then you need to recalculate who really committed the murder or what not. Reading Grippando isn’t just suspenseful but it’s exciting, with his books you want no interruptions, because it is just that good.

Grippando was a book that one of the members on my library board checked in and said that I should read it, I said okay, and I had to be true to my word and now I can’t get enough of Grippando and will be reading every book he’s written.

Books by James Grippando

Small Town Librarian ♥

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