Have you ever done a Touch-a-Truck at your town? Do you know someone who could help you with the Touch-a-Truck? Yesterday I put on the Second Annual Touch-a-Truck for my library, and it was great, so I’ll share some tips and maybe you’ll have a new annual event.

  1. Try to get a Fire Truck or two there, contact your local fire department to see if they can stop by with some equipment and a truck
  2. Start off with only one or two vehicles and grow each year
  3. Contact your local Highway Department and Police Department to see if they could stop by with their vehicles
  4. Have a donation jar for your library
  5. SIGNS! Make sure you have signs around town, at the schools, the post offices, and your library!!!
  6. Get an E-Z Up and put some Chairs and a table under the E-Z Up for some type of sitting area.
  7. Is there a local bakery? Make a scavenger hunt and the prize would be a free item from the local bakery.
  8. Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!
  9. Make a layout of where you’re going to put all of the vehicles (I didn’t do this this year and we had three fire trucks and two ambulances, not a bright idea)
  10. Thank everyone who came out and helped you, write thank you cards to them, and get an article into the local paper about your Touch-a-Truck event!!

Once you get about two or three Touch-a-Trucks under your belt, they’ll come a lot easier and won’t stress you out as much.

Small Town Librarian  ♥

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