Letterboxing in your library

Have you heard of Letterboxing? Well it is usually goes with hiking, but there are letterboxes in libraries, coffee shops, and places like that. So why not have a letterbox in your library? Well today, there is a letterbox at my library! Now, setting up a letterbox is simple, it’s the clues that is the hardest part. This is what a board member wrote for ours

“Letterboxing is for the curious so too is this home of information. Unfortunately, we are bound by hours of operations so check before you come to see us, but we do look forward to meeting you. After you stop in to say hello, do a little looking around. Perhaps you may find the home of an un-kissed prince (no doubt near water he will abide). Kneel low and look about. His first floor home is contained within blue walls.”

Small Town Librarian ♥

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