Can’t Throw Books Out?

So I have this huge issue of throwing books out! Like a massive one, I just cannot do it, so as we had to throw a book out which had a lot of water damage at the library, it was a donation, I stated the fact that I couldn’t throw it out. So Tom one of the board members said, “Go to,” I just looked at him, with a look that must have said way, “You put a barcode type sticker on the inside, and put it somewhere, and it’ll travel around the world and you can see where your book has been,” I figured that I better check it out. So today I checked it out, and they aren’t only in the United States, they are everywhere, even in countries I didn’t know exsisted! There is actually one in the next town over. I have started an account and will start dropping and finding them, I’ll keep updating the status of the  books that I have released into the “wild”.

Feel free to follow me, I’m SmallTownLibrarian

Small Town Librarian ♥

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