Be Prepared

Well last night was the town meeting for my library, and we were cut by %2. There are two libraries in the town, and the plan is to combine the both of us into one by FY 2012. Now last night there was a motion made on the floor to level-fund both libraries, which we thought was great, until a gentlemen stepped up and made a motion to fund the other library to $0. Now this was unexpected and if voted through we and the town would lose the library accreditation from the Massachusetts Board of Library commissioners (MBLC)! We were surprised and frightened, because if this went through we could easily add the five hours that is needed, but the $170,000 required by the Municipal Appropriations Requirement (MAR), not so easy.

In the end, the amendment was voted down, but the level-funding was passes unanimously, which was a huge win in our eyes. So be prepared for even the unexpected, when you’re going to a meeting involving the greater good of your library.

Small Town Librarian ♥

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