Getting Out of a Book Club Drought

Well have you ever run into a problem when choosing your next book club book, for your book club? Well I call it a Book Club Drought, and with all the good books out in the world  I think its hard to reread a book, so how do you choose a book club book that you haven’t read, but is a good book? Well there are a couple of ways to do it, but I actually know of two!

1. Go search Barnes & Noble and Amazon! Go check and see what their best sellers are, and read the reviews (if there are any) and see if there are any written by actual people who don’t get paid to write reviews, see how they liked it. Then print off a page with the book title, author, cover,  a review or to, and the plot.

2. Maybe your whole book club doesn’t know what to choose, well have everyone write a name of an author either one that they enjoy or one that they have heard of, and then pull the names out of a hat. This way everyone is in for a surprise, and then when you have the author chosen, then see what books that he/she have written, and go from there.

Hopefully these two suggestions will pull you out of a Book Club Book Drought.

Small Town Librarian ♥

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