We’ve Done It!

I have made multiple posts about unique fundraising ideas, and I’m not just preaching, I’m also doing it! Well, my library is doing it! We’re signed up with Better Word Books and will be using RUFIS this weekend to see what books they’ll take, I already have then shipping ten boxes out to us. We’re also signed up with Recycling Fundraiser (formerly known as EcoPhones) and we have sent out our first shipment of 53 ink cartridges to them! We also, have been writing letter’s to the editor and guess columns in the local paper, because the fight with the town isn’t the best here in Sunny Massachusetts. I’ve been updating the Facebook status and blogs daily and with the help of The Librarian’s Book of Quotes I am putting up amazing quotes for the Facebook page (we’re at 63 fans!). Our bookmarks are almost done! Yay! We’re working on laminating them and getting them out to the public! Our rules have been edited since day one, okay, well actually since I moved, but that’s close enough!

My library is slowly becoming the next amazing library, not that we’re already amazing, we are, but we’re making our library even amazing-ier!

Small Town Librarian ♥

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