Library Book Marks

It’s almost summer time, and there isn’t a lot of money for families to go on trips, so they’re staying home, this summer. Which helps your library, you want to make the community aware of all the cool, free, activities that your library puts on during the summer! Or maybe you want to get out to the community how to help your library in quick and easy ways? Well I have a simple and easy answer for you. Bookmarks! These don’t need to be fancy, just something that shows off your hours, your blog (if you have one), a Facebook symbol to show off that you’re on Facebook (if you are), telephone number, fax number, your library logo, on one side, and on the other side you can do ways to help the library, or cool summer activities with the library. What ever you think would appeal more to your patrons. After the bookmark is completed print it off on some Cardstock, and then hand it out to your patrons. This way is easy and not as time consuming as setting up a whole event would be, and it is cheap, to a point! So I say go for it, and you might even get some free advertising out there with word of mouth!

Small Town Library ♥

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