Choosing Library Hours

How do you decided when you’re open and when you’re closed? Which hours do you get more patrons in? Do more come into the library early in the morning, or after school ends? How may librarians are needed to keep the library open? Here’s some ideas on how to choose your hours and how to be more accessible to your patrons.

1. Keep track of how many patrons come in a day, which days have more patrons, if you want to go even further, how many patrons an hour?

2. How many hours does your budget allow you to stay open?

3. How many days do you want to be open, do you want to be open five days a week with weird hours, or maybe only a couple of days with full days.

4. What hours does your patrons want your library to be open?

5.  Make a survey and pass it around town, to see what your patrons enjoy most about the library?

Hopefully this will help your library be open as many hours as its budget allows you.

Small Town Librarian ♥

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