L.A. Candy Series by Lauren Conrad

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad, is a quick read, and appeals to teens. Knowing that Lauren stars on MTV’s hit series The Hills, you can see how she wrote L.A. Candy. L.A. Candy is a reality T.V. show in L.A. following four girls, Madison, Gaby, Scarlett, and Jane. All four are doing something different. Jane and Scarlett (also known as Scar) have been BFFs forever. They are roommates as Jane works for a party planner and Scar is going to college. Madison and Gaby come off as “BFFs”, but very rarely actually understand each other. Madison is a rich party girl, who doesn’t always play by the rules, while Gaby is a ditsy worker, working for a party planner

Sweet Little Lies, is the second novel in the L.A. Candy series. This picks up where L.A. Candy left off. It was a quick read, and you didn’t want to put it down. Scar and Jane seem to have a falling out, as Jane starts replacing Scar with Madison. Madison is using Jane to her advantage, while Jane just thinks she’s being nice. Sweet Little Lies was better than L.A. Candy, and I was so glad when I learned it came out, but it does just end, so the wait for the next book in the series, will be a long and hard wait.

Small Town Librarian ♥

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