21st Century Libraries

“The internet is marvelous, but to claim, as some now do, that it’s making libraries obsolete is as silly as saying shoes have made feet unnecessary”~Mark Y. Herring

Since we’re in the 21st century, it’s time to see how to expand your library to make it part of this century! Libraries used to be available by person, but now you have online catalogs. You can request books online and have them delivered to your library, a wonderful convenience that I use often. But that is just the beginning! How does your library stay intouch with these electronic times? Well, mine for example has a Business Page on Facebook, and well the blog, both which are updated by me, Small Town Librarian. Sure my library only has 62 followers on Facebook, but that’s 62 supporter’s which will know what’s going on in the library daily! The blog, as you see isn’t just for my library, it’s for all libraries and librarians! I try to keep this blog updated daily with whatever library-type news clippings catch my eye! Maybe you have your own web page, another thing I keep up to date for my library, make your web page “pretty” as my boss would say, make it so people would want to go and see what your library is doing! These are just a few hints to get you up and running in this technology age, which we live in!

Come back tomorrow, to see how to keep your Facebook Business Page & Blog updated!

Small Town Librarian ♥

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