Local Business Are Your Friends

So you want to put on a community event right? But you also want to have the event a little bit more fun, so you want to hand out free ice cream or a slice of pizza. Well instead of going to your local supermarket and buying huge tubs of ice cream, how about you go to your local business, your local ice cream parlor and see if they would help you out. Most of the time local businesses do because it’s free advertising for them, and most of the time they don’t need to do much except for maybe handing out the free item. My last blog post Touch-A-Truck, I spoke about how to do a community event, well to make a cute and great addition, how about a scavenger hunt? Make a scavenger hunt on what to find on the fire truck and/or other emergency vehicles that will be present. Make the prize a free ice cream or something when it’s completed. It’s easy enough that all you need to do is make the scavenger hunt and talk to the local businesses. Make sure that use your local businesses as often as possible, and because they are local you’ll  know the people working most of the time and they’re usually nicer than the big corporate food chains.

So remember Local Business Are Your Friends

Small Town Librarian ♥

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