How to Save

As the budget vote comes up, I’m sure your library is either level-funded or will be getting a budget cut, right? Well here are some ideas on how to save money for your library.

1. If you are in a rented space, ask your landlord if the rent is negtionable

2. Call your electric company and see if they’ll give you a discount

3. Are all your lights energy saving lights? The lights are little bit more expensive, but they do last a lot longer than the average lights

4. Are you turning everything off when you leave? Are all the computers turned off, all the lights turned off?

5. If you have oil to heat the library, call the oil company and see how much you actually use a year, see if someone else has a lower rate, or if they’ll give you a discount.

With these combined, you should be able to save some money!

“All for the greater good of the library”

Small Town Librarian ♥

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